The Little Book of Sitecore® Tips volume 1 now available

sitecore_netI’m pleased to announce the launch of volume 1 of The Little Book of Sitecore® Tips

The book was created after converting a rather large amount of notes (that were created during my day to day workings with Sitecore) into an initial book, and what will soon become an ongoing series of books.

The main purpose of The Little Book of Sitecore Tips is a light-hearted look at some useful Sitecore tips. These tips are targeted at all levels of user but whethersitecore_book you’re recapping or learning, I hope you find the material either useful, or at least of some entertainment value.

ALL royalties are donated to worthy causes, so if you take nothing from the book at least you’ll know that your purchase wasn’t in vain. So have some fun, support some charity and order yourself a paperback copy from the likes of Amazon or Barnes & Noble – The book is also available as an eBook on the iBooks Store, and Google Play.

Thanks is due to the technical reviewers Adam Conn and Radosław Kozłowski – and a big thanks to Tamas Varga who also supplied a great deal of help, support, and the following review:


“This is the book I should have written 5 years ago! Having a book with tips is something we haven’t got so far in the Sitecore community. It goes beyond just Sitecore tips, but some of the best practices the community created and collected during the last couple of years. It not only helps your daily work with Sitecore, but also demonstrates the power and flexibility of it. All the tips in this book is really helpful and the nice illustrations helps you remember them.”


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